Open Letter to the YSoA
in Support of BLM




Faculty & Administration
Yale School of Architecture
Yale University
180 York Street
New Haven, CT 06511

To the Yale School of Architecture Faculty and Administration:

Four hundred years of systemic violence and racism against Black communities have been drawn into sharp relief in the past two weeks centering around the Black Lives Matter movement. This time of global action and urgency is an opportunity to lead change, and yet the Yale School of Architecture’s public silence has been deafening.

We, the Alumni, want to know: what is the YSoA doing to actively support a more diverse academic community to fight racism in all its forms moving forward? How will the YSoA dismantle institutional racism and rebuild itself to promote an inclusive vision of architectural education and amplify BIPOC voices that remain profoundly underrepresented?

The YSoA must commit to engage its community and allocate its resources to affect systemic change with humility, transparency, and specificity. The following demands represent the collective voice of more than one hundred YSoA Alumni who met on Sunday, June 7th, and the many alumni who have co-signed, to reckon with our past and envision a progressive future for the school:

1. Publicly acknowledge the pain, wrongdoings and injustices that the School has inflicted on past BIPOC students and its New Haven community. The work the School commits to doing, or is currently undertaking, is not enough to erase the scars of the past. Acknowledging the grievances of current and former members of our community is a crucial step to reconciling our past and our future.

2. Support and amplify BIPOC. BIPOC communities are vastly underrepresented at the YSoA. No individual should be isolated in the burden of representing an entire race, nor should any student complete their education without identifiable role models on faculty. To break a culture of white male supremacy, the school must commit to amplifying the voices of a diverse community. The school must headline BIPOC practitioners at school-sponsored events and actively recruit and support BIPOC students and faculty.

3. Enable equitable access to education. The barriers to enter and succeed in an architectural career are immense — tuition, debt, labor, time, and resources. Many students work to care for themselves and their families. The school must recognize these challenges by not only fostering a supportive community but by committing to lower the cost of an architectural education.

4. Build a team to support Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. The YSoA must establish an empowered EID team to be a voice and advocate for any marginalized group or individual, and meaningfully shift the culture of the school. This team must include representatives from faculty, administration, and students. All faculty should be required to complete diversity and unconscious bias training and be held accountable.

5. Decolonize the pedagogy and curriculum. Anti-Black biases must be dismantled. The Global South and non-Western cultures must be included explicitly in the curriculum across all courses and without exception. Diversity should not simply be optional in the education of an architect, but central to its core vision.

6. Engage the local community beyond the Building Project. Alerts from YPD Chief Ronnell Higgins continue to perpetuate the narrow “town and gown” lens through which students experience New Haven. Systemic failures in the city, like access to public transportation and fair and equal housing, are architectural and urban problems that deserve the School’s attention. The YSoA must recruit, empower, and mentor local BIPOC youth to be active agents in shaping the built environment.

7. Engage alumni beyond their pocketbooks. Many alumni do not have the means to give financial donations which seem to be the principal form of alumni engagement. Donation options must not be limited to eponymous funds of white men but to initiatives that promote an inclusive vision of the discipline. Requiring monetary contributions as a prerequisite to having a voice on how funding is spent only further cements a system of inequality. Beyond donations, BIPOC and all alumni can contribute meaningfully to the school through other avenues like teaching, mentorship, juries, and EID initiatives.

We acknowledge that we as alumni have benefitted from an institution and a profession that has been complicit with a culture of racism, exclusivity, and inequality, but we are committed to the YSoA’s future and its ambition for a plurality of voices. We urge you to address the issues outlined above with haste and transparency. We ask to be a part of meaningful and positive changes to the school’s statement of purpose, curriculum, culture, and community.


Individual comments from the open forum held on Sunday, June 7th, can be found here.

Lilly Agutu, M.Arch I ‘22
Amanda Bridges, M.Arch I ‘15
Amrita Raja, M.Arch I ‘13
Dima Srouji, M.Arch I ‘16
Ian Svilokos, M.Arch I ‘14
Lexi Tsien, M.Arch I ‘13
Brittany Utting, M.Arch I ‘14
Sheena Zhang, M.Arch I, M.E.M. ‘15
Pearl Ho, M.Arch I ‘16
Hyeun Jason Lee, M.Arch I ‘15
Danielle Duryea, M.Arch I ‘12
Shayari de Silva, B.A. ‘11, M.Arch I ‘16
Fran Xavier, M.Arch I ‘18
Russell LeStourgeon, B.A. ‘10, M.Arch I ‘14
Ryan Connolly, M.Arch I ‘14
Brian Cash, M.Arch I ‘19
Hank Mezza, M.Arch I ‘15
Jen Shin, M.Arch II ‘20
Brian Butterfield, M.Arch I ‘11
Constance Vale, M.Arch I ‘14
Dana AlMathkoor, M.Arch II ‘19
Lara AlKhouli, M.Arch II ‘19
Seema Kairam, B.A. ‘07, M.Arch I ‘12
Matthew Zuckerman, M.Arch I, '17
Ross McClellan, M.Arch I ‘15
Mahdi Sabbagh, M.Arch I ‘15
Michael Miller, M.Arch I ‘15
Stephanie Lee, M.Arch II ’14
Abigail Smith, M.Arch I ‘19
Ethan Zisson, M.Arch I ‘19
Jacob Schaffert, M.Arch I ‘19
Jason Roberts, M.Arch I ‘14
Dhruvin Shah, M.Arch II ‘19
Wes Hiatt, M.Arch I ‘17
Jacqueline Hall, M.Arch I ‘18
Isabella Klitz, B.A. ‘16
Juenan Wu, M.Arch I ‘10
Varoon Kelekar, M.Arch II ‘19
Nicole Emmons, B.A. ‘98
Jessica Elliott, M.Arch I ‘16
Robert Scott, M.Arch I ‘15
Kevin Steffes, M.Arch I ‘22
Maggie Tsang, M.Arch I ‘17
Mark Tumiski, M.Arch I ‘14
Lila Jiang Chen, M.Arch ‘16
Benjamin Olsen, M.Arch I ‘19
Susanо̄ Surface, M.Arch I ‘13
Henry Ng, B.A. ‘07, M.Arch I ‘13
Nicholas Kehagias, M.Arch I ‘13
Louise Harpman, M.Arch I ‘93
Danielle Davis, M.Arch I ‘14
Cristian Oncescu, B.A. ‘09, M.Arch I ‘14
Elisabeth Martin, M.Arch ‘83
Adare Brown, M.Arch I, ‘22
Linda Lee, M.Arch I ‘13
Vincent Calabro, M.Arch I ‘12
Lisa Albaugh, M.Arch I ‘16
Kate Warren, M.Arch I ‘14
Mari Kroin, M.Arch II ‘21
Gabrielle Brainard, B.A. ‘01, M.Arch ‘07
Danny Fuchs, B.A. ‘07
Katie Stege, M.Arch I ‘17, M.E.M. ‘17
Rachel Hsu, M.Arch I, M.E.M. ‘11
Marcus McLin, B.A. ‘07
Daria Solomon, M.Arch I ‘13
Maria Barsa (Rizzolo), B.A. ‘07
Dimitris Hartonas, M.Arch II ‘19
Neil Flanagan, M.Arch I ‘13
Edward Hsu, M.Arch I ‘13
Alisa Dworsky, M.Arch I ‘92
Minakshi Mohanta, M.Arch II ‘19
Davis Butner, M.Arch I ‘19
Lane Rick, B.A. '08, M.Arch I ‘12
Can Bui, M.Arch I ‘12
Priyanka Sheth, M.Arch II ‘19
Mathew Suen, M.Arch I ‘13
Nicholas Miller, M.Arch ‘19
Craig Moller, M.Arch ‘93
Brittany Olivari, M.Arch I ‘17
Audrey Fischer, M.Arch I ‘22
Michael Robinson Cohen, M.Arch I ‘15
Apoorva Khanolkar, M.Arch II ‘16
Jessica Kim, M.Arch I ‘22
Alexandra Karlsson Napp, M.Arch I ‘18
Rhea Schmid, M.Arch I ‘20
Max Wirsing, M.Arch I ‘21
Shuangjing Hu, M.Arch II ‘16
Miguel Darcy, M.Arch II ‘20
Deirdre Plaus, M.Arch I ‘20
Max Ouellette-Howitz, M.Arch I ‘20
Guillermo Acosta Navarrete, M.Arch II '21
Jackson Lindsay, M.Arch I ‘20
Cecily Ng, M.Arch I ‘17
Dorian Booth, M.Arch I ‘16
Matthew Liu, M.Arch I ‘20
Laura King, M.Arch ‘95
Laura Pappalardo, M.E.D. ‘21
Daniel Barber, M.E.D. ‘03
Mary Carole Overholt, M.E.D. ‘21
Katrina Yin, B.A. ‘15, M. Arch I ‘19
Lara Apelian, M.Arch II ‘04
Elijah Porter, M.Arch I ‘11
Raphael Sperry, M.Arch I ‘99
Angela Lufkin, M.Arch I ‘21
Gregory Melitonov, M.Arch I ‘10
Thomas Friddle, M.Arch I ‘15
Brenna Thompson, M.Arch I ‘20
Anne-Marie Armstrong, M.Arch I ‘10
David Sadighian, B.A. ‘07, M.E.D. ‘10
Jimmy Stamp, M.E.D. ‘11
Cecilia Hui, M.Arch I ‘17
Jonathan Reyes, M.Arch I ‘13
Zachariah Pursley, M.Arch I ‘10
Nahum Goodenow, M.Arch II ‘00
Christine Chang, M.Arch I ‘10
Everardo Jefferson, M.Arch ‘73
Anna Rothschild, M.Arch I ‘19
Robert Yoos, M.Arch I ‘17
Jang Hyung Lee, M.Arch I ‘10
Malaika Kim, M.Arch II ‘04
Andrea Vittadini, March II '10
Johanna Vandemoortele, M.Arch I ‘09
Isa Akerfeldt-Howard, M.Arch I '21
Zach Heineman, M.Arch I, MBA ‘11
Derek Hoeferlin, M.Arch II ‘05
Seo Young Shin, M.Arch I ‘11
Rob Berry, M.Arch I ‘04
Ava Amirahmadi, M.Arch I ‘17
Denisa Buzatu, M.Arch I ‘18
McLain Clutter, M.E.D. ‘07
Anthony Goldsby, M.Arch II '04
Neyran Turan, M.E.D. '03
Quang Truong, M.Arch '08
Rebecca Commissaris, M.Arch II '21
Isidro Garcia, M.Arch I, MBA '09
Betty Chen, M.Arch ‘92
Luka Pajovic, M.Arch II '21
Catherine Anderson Poulin, M.Arch I '10
Mi Sun Lim, M.Arch I ‘01
Miriam Peterson, M.Arch II ‘09
Aude Jomini, M.Arch I '10
Meghan Lewis, M.Arch I '16
Craig Hodgetts, M.Arch II '67
Owen Detlor, M.Arch I '13
Alexandra Burr, M.Arch I ‘08
Matthew Wagstaffe, M.Arch I '19
Sara Alajmi, M.Arch II ‘20
Forth Bagley, M.Arch ‘05
Dylan Sauer, M.Arch I '08
Jon Cielo, M.Arch I '08
Altair Peterson, M.Arch I '13
Jonah Rowen, M.Arch. I '11
Limy Fabiana Rocha, M.Arch '20
Katharine Storr, M.Arch II ‘13
Sharon Portnoy, M.Arch ‘91
Sarah Weiss, M.Arch I ‘21
Leanne Nagata, M.Arch I ‘21
Tayyaba Anwar, M.Arch II ‘19
Ife Adepegba, M.Arch I '21
Benjamin Smoot, M.Arch I '08
Seher Erdogan Ford, M.Arch '09
Claire Weisz, M.Arch ‘89
Frank Nan, M.Arch I ‘06
Ryan Welch, M.Arch I '11
Cynthia Myntti, M.Arch '04
Ian Mills, M.Arch I '10
Mako Maeno, M.Arch I ‘06
Karen Rizvi, M.Arch I '09
Russell Greenberg, B.A. '02, M.Arch I '06
Isaac Strackbein, M.Arch I '08
Laurence Lumley, M.Arch II '15
Shiyan Chen, M. Arch I '19
Justin Trigg, M.Arch I '12
Ashley Bigham, M.Arch II ‘13
Nicholas McDermott, M.Arch I '08
Brett Appel, M.Arch I '10
Frederick Tang, M.Arch I ‘03
Abigail Ransmeier, M.Arch I '06
Grace Mase (Tsao), M.Arch I ’99
Anna Rose Canzano, B.A. '18
Liwei Wang, M.Arch I '20
Peng Ye, M.Arch I ‘21
Megan McDonough, M.Arch '16
Louise Braverman, M.Arch '77
Christopher Seifert, M.Arch I ‘13
Drake Hawthorne, M.Arch '06
Leonardo Serrano Fuchs, M.Arch II ‘20
Anna Meloyan, M.Arch I '16
Terrence Chew, M.Arch I ‘09
Dakota Cooley, M.Arch I, M.E.M. '18
Vivian Hsu, M.Arch I '11
Jennifer Silbert , M.Arch ‘03
Jennifer Sage FAIA, M.Arch ‘84
John Jourden, M.Arch I ‘14
Aurelie Paradiso, M.Arch I ‘03
Perry Wexelberg, M.Arch I ‘15
Gregory Cartelli, M.E.D. ‘17
Oliver Pelle, M.Arch II '04
Reid Cigolle, M.Arch II '12
Noah Riley, M.Arch I ‘05
Amra Saric, B.A. '17
Casey Furman, M.Arch I '17
Teo Quintana, M.Arch I ‘13
Shikha Thakali, M.Arch I '21
Edward Sean Bailey, M.Arch I ‘07
Nathan Rich, M.Arch I ‘08
Amy DeDonato, M.Arch I ‘12
Jacquelyn Hawkins, M.Arch I ‘10
Matt Roman, M.Arch I ‘09
Pauline Shu, M.Arch I '98
Leah Abrams, M.Arch I '15
Diego Arango, M.Arch I ‘19
Greta Modesitt, M.Arch I '12
Antonino Boornazian, M.Arch I ‘19
Brent Martin, M.Arch I '08
Sarah Gill, M.Arch I ‘13
Phoebe Harris, M.Arch I ‘20
Deo Deiparine, M.Arch I ‘20
Owen Howlett, M.Arch I '13
Julie Andress, B.A. '07 , M.B.A. '15
Alejandro Duran, M.Arch I '19
Timothy Phillips, M.Arch I ‘01
Paul Freudenburg, M.Arch I ‘22
Samuel David Bruce, M.Arch ‘20, M.E.M. ‘20
Miguel Sanchez Enkerlin, M.Arch I ‘19
Emma Bloomfield, M.Arch I ‘11
Julia M Leeming, M.Arch ‘06
Gary Ku, M.Arch I '11
Kelsey Rico, M.Arch I ‘20
Luke Studebaker, B.A. ‘11, M.Arch I ‘19
Lester Yuen, M.Arch '87
Gitta Robinson, M.Arch ‘93
Jack Lipson, M.Arch I ‘18
Celia Imrey, M.Arch '93
Meaghan (Smialowski) Bullard, M.Arch I ‘06
Cyrus Patell, M.Arch II '10
Amanda Marquit, M.E.D. ‘12
Carolyn Brooks, M.Arch ‘82
Amy Chang, M.Arch I ‘11
Jordan Levin, M.Arch ‘93
Katie Sutherland, M.Arch I ‘99
Robert Bundy, M.Arch II ‘13
Peter McInish, M.Arch II '15
Abigail Coover, M.Arch I ‘06
Elena Baranes, M.Arch I '15
Andrea Mason, M.Arch ‘94
Isaiah King, M.Arch I '09
Max Worrell, M.Arch II ‘06
Michael Jejon Yeung, M.Arch I ‘07
Robin Byrd Winters, M.Arch '93
Charles Hickox, M.Arch I ‘14
Scott Kunstadt, M.Arch I '12
Gary Gonya, M.Arch '01
Isaiah Miller, M.Arch I '13
Amir Mikhaeil, M.Arch I '12
Laura Meade, M.Arch I ‘17
Ming Thompson, B.A. ‘04
Shane Neufeld, M.Arch I ‘09
Surry Schlabs, M.Arch ‘03, PhD ‘17
Rukshan Vathupola, M.Arch I '20
Jonathan Sun, M.Arch I ‘15
Olen Milholland, M.Arch II ‘15
Thomas Morbitzer, M.Arch I '00
William West, M.Arch I ‘07
Louisa Nolte, M.Arch I '21
Gus Steyer, M.Arch I ‘20
Chris Cambio, M.Arch I ‘21
Jeremy Steiner, M.Arch I '12
Jennifer Fontenot, M.Arch II ‘17
David Tasman, M.Arch I '12
Kee Lew, M.Arch I '11
Clarisse Labro, M.Arch I ´07
Marc Guberman, M.Arch I '08
Clover Linne, M.Arch I ‘03
Christos Bolos, M.Arch I ‘12
Tala Gharagozlou, M.Arch I '10
Nancy Putnam, M.Arch I '12
Haylie Chan, M.Arch I ‘19
Andrew Dadds, M.Arch I ‘16
Edward Mitchell, Former faculty ‘98-’17
Jessica Kung, B.A. 04
Julcsi Futo, M.Arch II ‘15
Jason Gaddis, M.Arch '99
Jos Smith, M.Arch '07
Charles Kane, M.Arch I '16
Frederick Cooke, M.Arch '00
Joseph Pikiewicz, M.Arch I ‘03
Dante Furioso, M.Arch I ‘16
Emau Vega, M.Arch I ‘15
Stephen Brockman, M.Arch ‘90
Amy Su, M.Arch I ‘15
Isaac Southard, M.Arch II '16
Amir Shahrokhi, M.Arch II ‘12
Kassandra Leiva, M.Arch I '19
Jenny (Eunhyung) Kim, M.Arch I '16
Lauren Chapman, M.Arch I '12
Arghavan Taheri, M.Arch II ‘20
Mathew Ford, M.Arch I '05
Kirk Henderson, M.Arch I '16
Gioia Connell, M.Arch I ‘20
Courtney Miller Bellairs, M.Arch I '96
Luke Anderson, M.Arch I '16
Susan Sutton, MArch 91
Pierce Reynoldson , M.Arch I ‘08
Manuel Cordero Alvarado, BA
Cynthia Deng, B.A. Architecture '14
Timon Covelli, M.Arch I '18
Michael Osman, M.Arch I '01
Eric Moed, MDes ‘19, Harvard GSD
Michael Glassman, M.Arch I '20
Salwa AlKhudairi, M.Arch II ‘21, GSD
Michael Glassman, M.Arch I '20
Hiba Bhatty, M.Arch I '15
Kayley Estoesta, B.A. '21
Eric Samuels, M.Arch I '01
Blair Wisenbaker, B.A. '07
Andrew Ngure, M.Arch I ‘21, Harvard GSD
Reese Lewis, M.Arch I, Princeton '22
Jiangpu Meng, M.Arch I, GSD '21
Ingrid Pelletier, M.Arch I '23
Junpei Okai, M.Arch I '15
Boris Morin-Defoy, M.Arch I '16
Victor Agran, M.Arch I '97
Lindsey Krug, M.Arch I ‘19, Harvard GSD
Edward Oo, B.A. '15
Andrew Kim, B.A. ‘15, M.Arch I '20
Robert Beckman, B.Arch '19, IIT
Sungwoo Choi, M.Arch I '17
Breanne Taylor, M.Arch I '22, Harvard GSD
Rhiarna Dhaliwal, M.Arch ‘19 RCA
Jeannette Penniman, M.Arch I '16
Mansi Maheshwari, M.Arch II '14
Holly Bushman, M.E.D. '20
Sam Scott, M.Arch I '99
Karen Delgado, M.Arch II '18
Veronica Nicholson, M.Arch I '22
Brent Sturlaugson, M.E.D. '15
Salem Barahmeh , Other '11
Matthew Bohne, M.Arch II '15
John Milian, M.Arch I '15, USC
Andrew Moddrell, M.Arch II '04
Salwat Idi, M.Arch II '18, Bruxelles
Kate Altmann, M.Arch II '20
Marion Forbes, B.A. ‘14 Tennessee
Ilsa Falis, M.Arch I '12
Julie Kim, M.Arch I '15
Katie Chu, M.Arch I '13, GSD
Adam Wagoner, M.Arch II '15
Dominique Davison, M.Arch I '00
Alexis Kandel, M.Arch I '18
Claire Gorman, B.A. '20
Michael Lee Poy, M.E.D. '03
Elizabeth Haber Hedde, M.Arch I '11
Mark Crew, M.Arch I '99
Jaeyoon Kim, M.Arch I '13
Katharine Blackman, M.Arch I '20
David Hurtado, B.A. '20
Luis Fernando Munoz, M.Arch I '21, Princeton
Janelle Schmidt , M.Arch I '22
Frida Rosenberg, M.E.D. '06
Stephanie Lloyd, M.Arch I '22, GSD
Ayeza Qureshi, M.E.D. '14
Hannah Mayer Baydoun, M.Arch I '22
Calvin Liang, M.Arch I '22
Phillip Nakamura, M.Arch I '15
Anna Lim, M.Arch I '20 UPenn
Colin Chudyk, M.Arch I '21
Nasim Rowshan, M.Arch I '17
Jacqueline Mix, M.Arch I '21, Princeton
Jack Wolfe, M.Arch I '15
Kymberly Ware, MLA II '21, Harvard GSD
Swarnabh Ghosh, M.Arch II ‘14
Eleanor Measham, M.Arch II ‘14
Caitlin Baiada, M.Arch I ‘18
Jay Tsai, M.Arch II ‘14
Leeland McPhail, M.Arch I ‘14
Brandon Hall, M.Arch I ‘14
Melinda Agron, M.Arch I, MBA ‘19
Maya Alexander, M.Arch I ‘15
Sharmin Bhagwagar, M.Arch II ‘19
Michelle Gonzalez, M.Arch I ‘16
Thom Medek, M.Arch I ‘14
Daniel Jacobs, M.Arch I ‘14
Hugo Fenaux, M.Arch I ‘16
Jon Swendris, M.Arch I ‘14
Grant Scott, M.Arch II ‘14
Tess McNamara, M.Arch I ‘18
Orli Hakanoglu, M.Arch I ‘19
Alexander Chabla, M.Arch I ‘13
Katie Stranix, M.Arch I ‘14
Kristin Nothwehr, B.A. ‘10, M.Arch I ‘16
Jonathan Molloy, M.Arch I ‘18
Ugo Olisa Agulue, M.Arch I ‘19
Robert Cannavino , M.Arch I ‘14
Sarah Kasper, M.Arch I ‘16
Sarah Kim, M.Arch I ‘22
Leslie Neville, B.A. ‘06
Jack Rusk, M.Arch I, M.E.M. ‘22
Ha Min Joo, M.Arch II ‘17
Amanda Hu, B.A. ‘19
James Schwartz, M.Arch I ‘17
Cooper Hall, B.A. ‘18
Stephen Gage, M.Arch I ‘12
Christian Nakarado, M.Arch I ‘12
JT Bachman, M.Arch I ‘12
Melissa Russell, M.Arch I ‘19
Pik-Tone Fung, M. Arch I ‘19
Michael Dickson-Mills, M.Arch II ‘13
Amy Kessler, M.Arch I ‘13
Alissa Chastain, M.Arch I ‘15
David Langdon, B.A. ‘13, M.Arch I ‘18
Patricia Brett, M.Arch ‘90
Laura Cheung, B.A. ‘07
Marie Wilkinson, B.A. ‘86, M.Arch ‘90
Anne Patterson, B.A. ‘82
Noah Morganstern, M.Arch I ‘13
Nicole Doan, M.Arch II ‘19
Sarah Durfee, M.Arch I ‘13
Henry Chan, B.A. ‘07, M.Arch I ‘14
Alex Thompson, M.Arch I ‘18
Will Sheridan, M.Arch I, ‘14
Jamie Edindjiklian, M.Arch II ‘17
Mariana Riobom, M.Arch II'19
Daniel Marty, M.Arch I ‘17
Jack Balderrama Morley, M.Arch I ‘13
Lani Mei Barry, M.Arch I ‘19
Dee Briggs, M.Arch I ‘02
Victoria Partridge Walsh, M.Arch I ‘02
Issy Yi, M.Arch I ’19
Jas Bhalla, M.Arch I ‘14
Kerry Garikes, M.Arch I ‘19
Zhanna Kitbalyan, M.Arch I ‘22
Caroline Acheatel, M.Arch I ‘18
Maya Sorabjee, M.Arch I ‘20
Claire Matthews, B.A. ‘07
Rachel Mulder, M.Arch I ‘21
Irene Shum, M.Arch I ‘00
Heather Schneider, M.Arch I ‘21
Keith Johns, M.Arch I ‘11
Cynthia Hsu, M.Arch I ‘16
Stephanie Jazmines, M.Arch II ‘15
Ian Spencer, M.Arch II ‘15
Rushyan Yen, M.Arch, F.E.S. ‘15
Camille Chabrol, M.Arch I ‘20
Hannah Novack, M.Arch I ‘17
Shelby Wright, M.Arch I ‘21
Scott Parks, M.Arch I ‘14
Kelley Johnson, M.Arch I ‘20
Christina Zhang, M.Arch I ‘22
Araceli Lopez, M.Arch I ‘21
Dominiq Oti, M.Arch I
Anne Mason Kemper, M.Arch I ‘11
Iben Falconer, M.E.D. ‘09
Bryan Maddock, M.Arch I ‘14
Paul J Lorenz, M.Arch I ‘17
Dov Feinmesser, M.Arch I ‘16
Derek Brown, M.Arch I ‘13
Ives Brown, M.Arch I ‘21
Chat Travieso, M.Arch I ‘10
Molly Steenson, M.E.D. ‘07
Marija Brdarski, M.Arch I ‘11
Alicia Jones, M.Arch I ‘21
Sarah Lavery, M.Arch I ‘02
Garrett Hardee, M.Arch I ‘17
Carrie Burke, M.Arch II ‘91
Joel Burke, M.Arch ‘10
Britt Eversole, M.Arch I ‘04, M.E.D. ‘07
Elif Erez, B.A. ‘15
Parsa Khalili, M.Arch I ‘09
Brian Spring, M.Arch I ‘11
Jerome Haferd, M.Arch ‘10
James Schrader, M.Arch I ‘10
Zazu Faure, M.Arch ‘90
Jane Murphy, M.Arch I ‘81
Carmel Greer, M.Arch ‘10
Sara Caples, M.Arch ‘74
Cory Collman, M.Arch I ‘10
Thomas Mahon, M.Arch I ‘20
Marcus Carter, M.Arch II ‘04
Sarah Strauss, M.Arch I ‘02
Christopher Tritt, M.Arch I ‘19
Nadeen Safa, M.Arch II ‘18
Paul Howard, M.Arch II ‘10
Fred Scharmen, M.Arch I ‘06
Martin Man, M.Arch I ‘19
Kristen Hodess, M.Arch ‘90
Kathryn Everett Baniewicz, M.Arch I ‘11
Ayumi Sugiyama, M.Arch I ‘07
Sara Murado Arias, M.Arch I ‘08
Alexander Butler, M.Arch I ‘08
Claire Axley, M.Arch I ‘08
Terri Lee, M.Arch II ‘09
Andrew Benner, M.Arch II ‘03
Jason Pytko, M.Arch I ‘08
Palmyra Geraki, M.Arch I '10
Matthew Johnson, M.Arch I '00
Marc Newman, M.Arch '08
Matthew Persinger, M.Arch '10
Todd Fenton , M.Arch I ‘08
Eugene Tan, M.Arch I '16
Jennifer Newsom, B.A. ‘01, M.Arch ‘05
Katie Lau, M.Arch I ‘20
Robin Osler, M.Arch '90
Scott Simpson, B.A. '13, M.Arch I '21
Emily Cass, M.Arch I '20
Jeffrey Liu, M.Arch I '19
Michael Gasper, M.Arch I ‘20
Hilary Buchanan, M.Arch I '92
Karolina Czeczek, M.Arch II '15
Meredith McDaniel, M.Arch I '10
Janice Hahn, M.Arch I ‘11
Caroline VanAcker, M.Arch I '14
Edgar Papazian, M.Arch ‘99
Kolawole Ofoman, M.Arch I '19
Megan Tan, M.Arch I ‘20
Travis Eby, M.Arch I '09
Julie Fisher, M.Arch '01
Mark Yoes, M.Arch II ‘90
Colin Sutherland, M.Arch I '19
Keilem Ng, B.A. ‘03
Nicholas Gilliland, M.Arch II ‘10
Hamzah Ahmed, M.Arch II ‘20
Maia Simon, M.E.D. '19
Tom Carruthers, M.Arch I '05
Jack Brough, M.Arch I '09
Elaina Berkowitz, M.Arch I '17
Erin Dwyer, M.Arch II ‘11
Brittany Hayes, M.Arch I '13
Hsin-Ju Lai , M.Arch I ’19
Wei-Shih Tsai, M.Arch I ‘19
Shuo Zhai, M.Arch I '12
Robert Hon, M.Arch I '17
Jason Van Nest, M.Arch I '05
Jacob Reidel, M.Arch I '08
Rose Martin, M.Arch I ‘08
Erik Herrmann, M.Arch II ‘12
Justin Nguyen, M.Arch I ‘14
David Bench, M.Arch II '12
Tyler Krebs, M.Arch I ‘21
Melissa Shin, M.Arch I '13
Erin Besler, B.A. '04
Sandy Cole, M.Arch I '09
Teoman Ayas, M.Arch I '13
Tania Min, M.Arch II '94
Letícia Wouk Almino, M.Arch I '11
Will Tims, M.Arch ‘03
Sam Zeif, M.Arch I ‘18
Evan Sale, M.Arch I '19
Sarah Smith, M.Arch I ‘15
Adam Ganser, M.Arch I ‘06
Caleb Linville, M.Arch I '10
Jean Pelle, M.Arch I '05
Michelle Badr, M.Arch I ‘20
Stephanie Carlisle, M.Arch I '11
Jamie Berg, M.Arch I '09
Meghan McAllister, M.Arch I '15
Kathleen John-Alder, M.E.D. '08
Malcolm Rondell Galang, M.Arch I ‘21
Tara Suzanne Marchelewicz, M.Arch I ‘18
June Komisar, M.Arch '80
Preeti Talwai, M.E.D. ‘16
Aleksandr Bierig, B.A. '07
Menglan Li , M.Arch I ‘19
Audrey Broome, M Arch I ‘07
Evan Wiskup, M.Arch I '14
Katie Colford, B.A. '16, M.Arch I '22
Stephanie Tuerk, M.Arch I '02
Ilana Simhon, M.Arch I ‘17
Jacqueline Kow, M.Arch I '14
Craig Rosman, M. Arch II '14
Page Comeaux, M.Arch I ‘20
Benay Betts, M.Arch I '06
Leejung Hong, M.Arch I ‘04
Aurora Farewell, M.Arch I ‘10
Kate Burke, M.Arch I ‘06
Alison Zuccaro, M.Arch I ‘18
Samantha Jaff, M.Arch I '16
Aaron Tobey, PhD '23
Natalie Broton, M Arch I ‘21
Dimitri Brand , M.Arch I ‘18
Eliza Higgins, M.Arch II '10
Caitlin Thissen, M.Arch I ‘16
Helen Farley, M.Arch I ‘20
Enrique Ramirez, M.E.D. ‘07
Margaret Marsh, M.Arch I '18
Anne Roderer, M.Arch ‘99
Mike Harshman, M.Arch ‘93
Phineas Taylor-Webb, M.Arch I ‘18
Amber Wiley, B.A. ‘03
Alisa Hintz, M.Arch II '14
Louise Levi, M.Arch I ‘09
Ryan Salvatore, M.Arch I '13
Mary Burr, M.Arch I '14
Daisy Ames, M.Arch I '13
Tracy Perry, M.Arch I '03
Richard Grisaru, M.Arch '93
Christian Mueller, M.Arch I ‘14
Valeria Flores, M.Arch I '18
Adam Thibodeaux, M.Arch II ‘20
Joshua Brandfonbrener, M.Arch '93
Amina Blacksher, M. Arch I '10
James Coleman, M.Arch I '18
Joyce Chang, M.Arch I '06
Michi Murao Slick, B.A. ‘03
Erika Belsey, M.Arch '91
Tracy Bromwich, M.Arch '03
Ryan Giblin, M.Arch I ‘99
Elizabeth McDonald, M.Arch I ‘08
Andrew Economos Miller, M.Arch I ‘20
Michele Lewis, M.Arch ‘79
Andrew Sternad, M.Arch I ‘16
Mohamed Nazmy, M.Arch I ‘14
Xiaodi Sun, M.Arch I '14
Daniella Calma, M.Arch II ‘21
Nick McAdoo, M.Arch I '14
Christopher E.M. Beardsley, B.A. ‘02, M.Arch ‘06
Allen Slamic, M.Arch II ‘07
Audrey Hughes, M.Arch I ‘22
Kimberley Rodler, M.Arch ‘91
Shirley Hsu, M.Arch I '11
Jacob Dugopolski, M.Arch I ‘11
Hyelin Kim, M.Arch I '19
Georgia Todd, M.Arch I ‘17
Aaron Schiller, M.Arch I ‘13
Francesca Carney, M.Arch I '17
Smit Patel, M.Arch II ‘20
Adam Feldman, M.Arch I ‘20
Sasha Zwiebel, M.Arch I ‘21
Daniel Whitcombe, M.Arch I '20
Siobhan Burke, M.Arch I '01
Thomas Day, M.Arch I ‘15
Tegan Bukowski, MArch I ‘14
Allen Plasencia, M.Arch I ‘14
Diana Nee, M.Arch I '12
Dylan Weiser, M.Arch I ‘18
Ben Rosenblum, M.Arch I '04
Teresa Jan, M.Arch I '04
Marcus Addison Hooks, B.A. '09, M.Arch I '12
Kian Goh, M.Arch I '99
Dexter Ciprian, M.Arch I '09
Peter Blackburn, M.Arch I ‘92
Todd Reisz, M.Arch I '03
Gregorio Lubroth, M.Arch I ‘07
Katharine Stevens, B.A. ‘93, M.Arch I ‘01
Jason Bond, M.Arch I '10
Jess Varner, M.Arch ‘08
Andrew Lyon, M. Arch I ‘06
Mark Peterson, M.Arch I ‘15
Michelle Chen, M.Arch I '16
James Andrachuk, M.Arch I '12
Lauren Page, M.Arch II ‘13
Michael Harrison, M.Arch I ‘16
Jeremy Benson, MArch I ‘21, Harvard GSD
Cristina Chang Arbelaez, M.Arch I '01
Jody McGuire, M.Arch ‘02
Anuj Daga, M.E.D. '14
Abena Bonna, M.Arch I '18
Nicolas Kemper, M.Arch I '16
Garret Gantner, M.Arch I '08
Gary Leggett, M. Arch I ‘13
Lisa Gelfand, BA '76, M.Arch '78
John Kleinschmidt, M.Arch I '16
Nicole Lambrou, M.Arch I '06
Zachary Veach, M.Arch I '15
Roberto Jenkins, M.Arch II '16
Elizabeth Nadai, M.Arch I '18
Meghan Royster, M.Arch I '18
Jonathan Sun, M.Arch I ‘15
Brayton Gregory, MArch I ‘21, Harvard GSD
Belinda Lee, M.Arch I '15
Ron Stelmarski, M.Arch II '00
Lauren Mishkind, M.Arch I '09
Shivani Shedde, M.E.D. '16
Carolina Cui Xiao, B.A. ‘21, Universidad de Buenos Aires FADU
Brad Stern, M.Arch I ‘22
Ian Starling, M.Arch I '12
Rebeca Katkin, M.Arch I '99
Cortez Crosby, M.Arch I '13
Alicia Pozniak, M.Arch II '16
Amanda Iglesias, M.Arch I '18
James Michael Tate, M.Arch I '07
Lizette Rios, M.Arch ‘13, UC Berkeley
Clare Fentress, M.Arch I '23
Sarra Elomrani, B.A., AUS '21
Alexander A. Mora, M.Arch I '15
Paul Rasmussen, M.Arch I '17
Jeff Goldstein, M.Arch I '01
Shaina Yang, M.Arch I '21, Harvard GSD
Charlotte Algie, M.Arch II '16
Son Vu, M.Arch I '21, Harvard GSD
Noah Silvestry, B.A. '19
Wilson Carroll, M.Arch I '17
Samuel King, M.Arch I '17
Sheau Yun Lim, B.A. '19
Hui Zhen Ng, M.Arch I '15
Claire Hicks, M.Arch I '22
Daniel Markiewicz, M.Arch I '11
McKenna Mitchell, MLA I '20, GSD
Robert Smith Waters, M.Arch I '18
Aiden Carty, M.Arch I '15, UCLA
Talia Pinto-Handler, M.Arch I '14
Stella Papadopoulos, M.Arch II '01
Rolando Vega, MBA '20, YSM
Daniel Nguyen, M.Arch I '15
Bryan Kim, M.Arch II '12
Matthew Zych, M.Arch I '11
Brian Ho, B.A. '12
Alex Maymind, M.Arch I '09
Craig Copeland, M.Arch I '89
Hannah Hoyt, M.Arch I '21, Harvard GSD
Charlotte Leib, PhD candidate
Divya Shetty, M.Arch II '21, GSD
Steve Fotiu, B.A., M.Arch I '01
Mariana Mogilevich, B.A. '02
Grace Ong Yan, M.Arch II '00
Casey Kell, B.A. '15, University of Arizona, CAPLA
Claudia Carle, M.Arch I '22
Joselia Mendiolea, M.Arch I '12, Pratt Institute
Leslie Creane, M.Arch I '97
John Butterworth, M.Arch I '88
Benjamin Sachs, B.A. ‘09, M.Arch I '13
Ashley Ozburn, M.Arch I '12
Etienne Jean Jacques Kuhn, M.Arch I '03
Marina DeFrates, M.Arch I '23, Harvard GSD
Ted Landsmark (Burrell), B.A. ‘69, M.E.D. ‘73, J.D.
Angie Door, M.Arch I '22, MIT
Adriana Hernandez, B.A., BLA '20, Texas A&M
Kinga Obartuch, B.A. ‘19 American Studies (urban studies)
Nicola Ho, M.Arch I '23, Harvard GSD
SunAh Jeong, M.Arch I '23, Harvard GSD
Paul DeFazio, M.Arch I '23, Rice
Stephen Nielson, M.Arch I '08
Noah Biklen, M.Arch I '02