200 Black Creators, compiled by Sean Canty

BIPOC Studios, compiled by Dong Ping Wong

Design As Protest (DAP) Design as Protest is a Nationwide action, on Friday January 20th 2017, connecting activist, community organizers, architects, planners, designers, and artists, with the direct intention of utilizing our skill set to stand up to injustice, discrimination, and hate. Ultimately, we will use design as a means to speak out in support of the disinherited and marginalized communities at risk during the next administration.

BlackSpace BlackSpace honors the lives of countless victims of this violence, we celebrate Black existence in its current form, we mourn lost Black futures. Our private homes are not safe. Our public spaces are not safe. The “justice” system must change and it does not stop there. No landscape is neutral. Urbanists design and plan the built environments where these tragedies occur. The disciplines impacting our built environments are steeped in racism and anti-Blackness. BlackSpace challenges architects, planners, urban designers, artists, and all curators of built spaces to unlearn traditional values and rethink Manifesto-based practice. We create spaces for Black urbanists to use talent, culture and rituals to design Black futures. We continue to demand a present and future where Black people, spaces, and culture matter and thrive. #blacklivesmatter #blackspace

Designing in Color Designing in Color (DCo) is a collaborative platform organized by young architects and designers located in Los Angeles, Boston, and Seattle. Its intent is to challenge the established rhetoric of architecture and design. DCo seeks to encourage professionals of color and students to thrive in environments that discourage their substantial multicultural creativity.